Question posée par Arthur-Rainbow Nguyen - le 10 avril 2009 à 15h05


Please help Tay Nguyen Viet Nam?
Tay Nguyen,where has world culture legacy "Van Hoa Cong Chieng Tay Nguyen"(Tay Nguyen gong culture) will be dug out because the Boxite under the ground.
i don't know why but the goverment don't say anything about it,or may be they received some thing (?) so they ignore about the safe of many people who live in Tay Nguyen and some provine around.
it will be a disaster,many people in VN want to hinder the exploiting boxit,but the power is in the hand of goverment.we can't do anything,just expect friends all over the world to help us to protect Tay Nguyen.
i'm not good in English,but i hope every one can understand.
we don't want Tay Nguyen to be a dead land,please help us.please.....

Réponse de Dr. Ardlop - le 10 avril 2009 à 15h06

Tchang tching tchong ? Toi vouloir moi prendre photo ? Rien compris.